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New Hutch-Babies!

Hey guys,

The stork's just visited the hutch, leaving us three little fangy friends, all looking for a good vein home.

Frodo's Visit to the Old Forest

When the hobbits are about to enter the Old Forest, Merry mentions that Frodo's been in there several times. Just what happened then? Write a story about Frodo's early adventures.

Proud Mum: Naiad

Wanderers Speak

Write a story about a character overcome with wanderlust. Write about rangers trying to settle down or elves exploring in the early days. Maybe a hobbit has itchy feet? Or a dwarf leaves to search out new metals and discovers he loves to travel. Write about what is just over the horizon and the character who yearns to see it.

Proud Mum: TariElenasse

One-on-One Instant Conversation

This challenge requires a partner. The two of you will write a short conversation-based piece between two characters, each of you taking the point-of-view of one of the two participants. The trick? You don't know what your partner's going to say next, just like in a real conversation.

Proud Mum: Ainaechoiriel

Boromir's Trial

Most "Boromir Lives" AU stories depart from canon at two points: either he doesn't go to Imladris, or Boromir is wounded but survives at Parth Galen. But what if Boromir, Merry, and Sam weren't the ones to be attacked? The uruk-hai are just looking for hobbits, after all, so Sam and Aragorn were as likely a target as Boromir, Merry, and Pippin. What would happen then? How would the Quest procede from that point?

Proud Mum: Dwimordene

So lots of nuzglings to choose from here. Come on, they're cute... don't you want to adopt one today?




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