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Bunny Breeding

So you have an idea. Congratulations! But you're not yet sure how to word your nuzgûl for maximum clarity and seductiveness to other members. Post your efforts here, and other members and the CMs and CAs will offer critique and suggestions. If at any time you wish to transfer the discussion to private e-mail, you can use the contact forms to reach the CMs, or arrange to continue the conversation privately with participating members.



An Excellent Arrangement

Okay, I'll be the first to give this new forum a try. Here's my nuzgul: An Excellent Arrangement "The Big Folk and the Little Folk (as they called one another) were on friendly terms, minding their affairs in their own ways, but both rightly regarding themselves as neccessary parts of the Bree-folk. Nowhere else in the world was this peculiar (but excellent) arrangement to be found." -FOTR, At the Sign of the Prancing Pony Write a story centered on the unique relationship of men and hobbits in Bree. Tolkien specifically names this cohabitation of the races as "excellent." What makes it so unique and special? How do men and hobbits interact, in ordinary circumstances or extraordinary ones? What happens when a crisis interupts the usual circumstances, so that "minding their affairs in their own ways" is difficult or impossible? There's room for canon characters and OC's, set before, during, or after the events of LOTR. So, what do you think? I haven't read much fanfiction, but I can't recall seeing any focusing on inhabitants of Bree. Lots of Shire hobbits, lots of Men of Rohan and Gondor, but nothing involving this very interesting combination of the two. Elana



Re: An Excellent Arrangement

Hi Elana, Ooh, now this looks interesting. The focus on the unusually good relationship between the hobbits and the Men at Bree does highlight an underexplored part of Middle-earth that is specific. It gives writers a definite focus in a concrete situation, so that they would have a fairly good idea of what sort of stories would answer your prompt, but while allowing for much creative license, world-building, and extrapolation from texts. I say put this bunny in the Hutch and see what happens. You might also try promoting it at Hobbiton (see the Links thread) or even opening your own Bree forum to try to encourage people to discuss that area of Middle-earth. Good luck, and thanks for trying out the new forum.



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