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Denethor-centric stories

We obviously need all the evidence we can get when psychoanalyzing Denethor. And we all need our fix, too. Seen any good Denethor stories, either here or on other archives? Post links here.



Re: Denethor-centric stories

I'd just like to give another SAP (shameless archive plug) to the new Stewards Scrolls archive - where we "strive to stay true to JRR Tolkien's characterisation of Denethor".

Cheers, Liz
(co-manager of Stewards Scrolls with Marta)



Re: Denethor-centric stories

I'm not sure if it's bad form to plug your own story, but if not (or even if so, apparently): How Many Years Summary: The road to the hallows above Minas Tirith is travelled only once a generation, on the twentieth birthday of the current steward's oldest son. Denethor leads Boromir down that scarce-walked path and finally gives his son an honest answer to a question he asked as a child. Cheers, Marta



Re: Denethor-centric stories

Ok, guys. I know that people write about SKGD!Denethor. Shamelessness=good. Here's a fic that perhaps you have already read, but which (I think) is one of two that gives a really good, believable look at the inside of Denethor's head just prior to the pyre. It covers a lot of the opinions about how Denethor would've viewed his decision, but I think it also avoids excusing him. Burning, by Salsify. The only other one I can think of that does it so well is Burial of the Dead, by Altariel. Check them out if you haven't already.



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