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Narya, Nenya, and Vilya

Maybe I'm just very slow on the uptake...but after some thirty-five years as a Tolkien fan, it only hit me a moment ago that each of the Three Rings seems to have bestowed a particular talent on the person who wields it which is in some way related to the element supposedly governed by that ring.  Narya, the Ring of Fire, has evidently given Gandalf a gift for what might be called pyromancy -- whether in self-defense (such as the flames he uses to defend both Thorin and Company and later the Fellowship from Wargs) or as entertainment (in the form of smoke-rings or fireworks).  Nenya, the Ring of Water, has granted Galadriel the ability to use her Mirror as a scrying glass.  So in what unique way(s) does Vilya, the Ring of Air, give Elrond power over the air?  Tolkien didn't explain...but since he did see fit to tell us that Vilya is the most powerful of the Three, it seems only natural to presume that it would have made Elrond skilled with using air in some way much as Narya and Nenya have made Gandalf and Galadriel skilled with using fire and water.

I hereby invite anyone who's inclined to take up this challenge and come up with a potential answer to this question -- preferably one which is not too far-fetched or ridiculous, if you please (although the fact nevertheless remains that Gandalf sometimes puts his powers over fire to somewhat trivial use!)

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