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Hobbit Cameo Challenge

MGM just anounced that Elijah Wood will be playing Frodo in _The Hobbit_ movie, and Cate Blanchett Galadriel. These kind of announcements spark off interesting discussions, usually revolving around the question, "How will you get *Frodo* in the Hobbit?

  But why should discussion boards have all the fun? I challenge everyone to pick a character or artefact that doesn't appear in the Hobbit, and (through the magic of fanfic) tie said person or object into the book canon. The Gaffer cleaning up after Bilbo's party, or Legolas dealing with Dwarven prisoners, or Bilbo encountering Narsil in Rivendell, you get the idea.  

To make it more fun, we could say youhave to claim your character or artefact, and only one person per item. Or not, if that seems too restrictive.

I'm in. Any other takers?



Re: Hobbit Cameo Challenge

I can well imagine that that is to be great fun! Though I'm not so sure how to proceede if more than one person are inclined to write anything about the same character or item. Anyway, I would like to participate!



Re: Hobbit Cameo Challenge

Well, like I said, I'm open to doing it either way. I think it would be more challenging if people had to work with different characters, because it would encourage people to use less obvious choices. It is for example easy to imagine how Legolas would be involved. Not that there's anything wrong with doing that - I'm sure it could be quite fun and well done - but I think it would be good to get people to stretch their creative legs a bit.

But I am also completely fine with not having that requirement. If that sounds too complicated, then I say let's just go for the basic idea and don't worry if two people write the same character. After all, two people might have very different ideas about what Legolas (or whomever) was up to during these events, or how he tied into it beforehand or afterhand for that matter.



Re: Hobbit Cameo Challenge

Sounds like fun!



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