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April Poetry Month Challenge

April is Poetry Month in the US. I thought it might be a good opportunity to suggest a challenge based on poetry: either to showcase a character's original poetry (fanfiction of the fanfiction!) or to write a work based on your favorite poem.

I think that there are many possibilities with this--would anybody be interested in writing such a story?



Re: April Poetry Month Challenge

I might write some poetry.



Re: April Poetry Month Challenge

I like this idea.  I'm no good at writing poetry myself, but I've written a couple of stories based on favourite poems - and I'd like to try that again.  I'm in!



Re: April Poetry Month Challenge

It's a good idea.  I'd like to try, though I haven't much experience in writing.
Would it be OK if I don't manage to think of anything to write?  I'm not sure how these challenges work...



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