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Travels through Harad and Khand

I'd really like to see how other writers perceive the cultures of Harad and Khand. Ideally, this challenge would gobble up fics with prominently Haradrim characters, though Harad as-seen-through-Gondor's-eyes is fine as well. So what's down there? Any Age, any style, any genre. I just gotta feed the need for more Haradrim-centred fics, rowr.




Re: Travels through Harad and Khand

It's a great idea! I'd go in, although without a long, long deadline, it would have to be in the fixed-length genre. 




Re: Travels through Harad and Khand

As if I needed another challenge to miss a deadline for!  But I have been delving into the Harad culture myself a bit, so I am most interested in this one!   I'm in!



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