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Yule Filk Fest 2006

Hey guys,

In previous years we have had much filking of Christmas carols during the month of December. Basically you take any carol associated with Christmas, Chanukkah, Kwanzaa, or other December holiday and adapt it to Middle-earth. Previous years' efforts can be found here:

2004 - Middle-earth Carols

2003 - Carols in Middle-earth

(For some reason this didn't happen last year.)

Anyway... is anyone interested in doing this again? If so, I propose it. I can't promise to participate but will try to.

In the past this challenge ran all through the month of December and closed a week or so into January to give people time to get over the holidays and post any filks they write to the challenge.




Re: Yule Filk Fest 2006

*raises hand*

That awful station out here has started its 24/7 Christmas carol playlist already. I can't go into one of my favorite cheap Thai restaurants because that's all they play! Wah!

So I will be happy to find some reason to parody, change, or otherwise alter Christmas carols, I am sure.




Re: Yule Filk Fest 2006

Add me to the list. My husband has already started. I try to make him wait until the day after Thanksgiving but it's a lost cause when Christmas decorations go up the 1st of November.




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