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The Mirror of Galadriel

Tolkien tells us only one story about Galadriel's mirror--a potent piece of Elvish magic.

Perhaps other members of the Fellowship also looked in it while they were in Lorien. What might they have seen? How might it have influenced their actions? Did Boromir see himself taking the Ring? Did Aragorn see Arwen's death? Many stories about the Fellowship could be made about this.

The Mirror must certainly have played a role in many other events in Middle-earth. What about Celebrian? Did Arwen look in the Mirror? Does it show the past, the present and the future?

What kinds of things did Galadriel herself learn from the Mirror? What were the limits of its power? Could she see Sauron? Did she learn something about Saruman to justify her suspicions of him? How was the Mirror created in the first place? Did she bring it from Valinor, or create it in Middle-earth? Is it because of her Ring that she has this power?

I don't have any answers myself to ANY of these questions, but I'd sure love to hear theories and ideas. And perhaps someone will find the subject inspiring enough for a story--better yet, perhaps five someones.

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