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Turambar, Junior

Here is an AU plotbunny that has been bugging me for ages, but I haven't had the energy or time to flesh it out or try writing:

What if the incestuous child of Turin and Nienor had lived?

If Nienor had been prevented from seeing the dead Turin, perhaps from some twist of fate drawn away by Brandir (kidnapped?) and never meets Glaurung, and thus never knows the truth, at least, not until the child is born.

This may mean Turin would still live, however, Mablung would still arrive with the Truth, so this may be shortlived.

Would the child be boy or girl? Twins, perhaps? Middle earth has yet to see some girl twins. The Curse of Morgoth upon the children of Hurin would still apply, and likely Hurin would have a great view into this drama...

Comments, suggestions, all welcome. I would love to see someone actually write this, fully fleshed.



Re: Turambar, Junior

I  am very interested in this prospective challenge and would definitely participate.



Re: Turambar, Junior

I have a long-time plotbunny like this except it's not AU - it takes the premise that everything happened as told in "The Children of Hurin," up to and including Nienor's dive in the Teiglin and the universal assumption that she died.  But what if she didn't?

 My focus is a little different (I'm more interested in Nienor than the baby), but please, count me in....



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