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Missing/altered scenes from the films

If you've ever watched the Appendices of the Extended Edition LotR films, you'll know that there were several ideas that Peter Jackson and the other filmmakers had intended to utilize that were ultimately dropped. Although I love the films as they are, I've always thought it would be neat to see these alternative ideas brought to life, and have decided to turn to the realm of fanfiction in order to get this desire fulfilled.

The challenge: Take one of the following missing/altered scenes and write a fanfic about it:
- Arwen, Elrond, and Galadriel at Lothlorien (prior to the departure of Haldir and the other Elves, including Arwen, for Helm's Deep)
- Arwen at Helm's Deep
- Sauron the Fair (Sauron's attempted seduction of and subsequent confrontation with Aragorn outside the Black Gates)

If none of these ideas appeals to you, come up with something that you feel could fit within the structure and mythos of the films and write a fic about it (it can be something that reconciles book and movie continuity, something that you enjoyed from the book that you would have liked to see in the movie, etc.)



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