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Corruption of Saruman, The

I'm hoping someone will write a story about the corruption of Saruman--what exactly was he thinking when he decided to switch sides, breed half-orcs, cut down Fangorn forest, infiltrate Dunland, try to infiltrate Rohan, try to take the ring for himself, etc.? Was it a gradual or a sudden change of heart? Did he think any of the things he was doing were good, and why or why not? Or did he just have some urge that he couldn't resist? What was the temptation of the Ring like for him? What exactly was his relationship with his servants, and with Sauron? What was he thinking during his conversations with Treebeard? What machines did he make? I've been browsing through the fanfic and even though Saruman is one of my favorite characters, no one seems to have written something like this from his POV.



Re: Corruption of Saruman, The

Hello, AFriedman. Lovely challenge, and you're on. I've been thinking about the corruption of Saruman for a long time. It's going to be a history of how Saruman corrupted two families (Grima's and Theoden's) over three generations in order to place a spy at the throne of Rohan.  In order to do the history I have to write a story about how Saruman became corrupt. I'm calling it Champion of Dol Guldur. Thanks for the impetus! - Chathol-linn



Re: Corruption of Saruman, The

Clarifying my comment above, Saruman doesn't exactly *corrupt* the House of Theoden, but he meddles with it mightily in order to place a spy at Rohan's throne. He also works very hard to corrupt Grima's family and it takes three generations to come up with Grima. Before this can happen though, Saruman must have crossed some line himself, and that's what I need to write first. Okay, that was probably clear as mud. - Chathol-linn



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