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A HASA Birthday Challenge!

HASA's birthday is coming up on July 1! How about a Challenge for that? Anything and everything about Henneth Annûn? Opening July 1, closing August 1. Any takers? Any other ideas to celebrate HASA? Cheers, JunoMagic



Re: A HASA Birthday Challenge!

Hi Juno, A new challenge was just opened about a week ago called HASA Birthday Challenge to celebrate HASA's birthday. Is your idea the same as that one? I think it was converted from a Nuzgul and it closes July 1st. ~Nienna



Re: A HASA Birthday Challenge!

Ah... thank you for pointing that out. I totally missed that! I thought that was about the Birthday Cards... D'oh! Maybe you could promote that Challenge a bit? Cheers, Juno P.S.: Don't forget HASA's birthday! The Challenge by Ang, Tanaqui and Marta to celebrate HASA's birthday is here and closes on July 1! Take a look at HASA's birthday Challenge!



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