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Wee Glofindel

Nobody really writes about wee Glorfindel. This would have to be about some of his escapades when he was an elfling. e.g. Hanging out of a third floor window and falling on someone important, or running away from a bath. Anything like that or even those.



Re: Wee Glofindel

Huzzah! You have found the best forum on the site, Freedom Flyer. I'm Allie, one of the Challenge Managers here. Welcome to HASA! How about it? Is anyone interested in the exploits of our favorite Lord of the Golden Flower as a child? Allie PS- Based on your interest in Glorfindel and children, I might refer you to Glorfindel's Fate (an open challenge), and the Kids do the darndest things... Oliphaunt. Enjoy!



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