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ATTN: The Heaven-Sent Horde

Well, I got industrious, and decided to do some end-of-winter cleaning! Much to my dismay (and shame), many of these nuzgul have languished here, homeless! So, in a fit of generosity, I have given them homes in the Hutch. There are twelve new additions (I might add fondly that the Hutch has swelled to 152) to the brood. A large amount of them focus on the Valar, Maiar, and Aman in general (thus the title of this post). Out of the generosity of my heart, I give you all links to them. Manipulation: who says the Valar always absent from life in Middle-earth... Disgruntled Valinoreans: The one and only dwarf in Aman... How did Aman's other residents react to this? Visions of Tol Eressëa: to certain Númenóreans, Avallónë was not quite so distant... Istari: The Early Years: surely Saruman wasn't always black at heart... A Herald's Tale: dedicated to the powerful and oft-ignored Eönwë. To Rise Again: you want the chance to raise an entire civilization? Here it is... When the Age of Men Fails: "here, at the end of all things..." The Passing of Saruman: did he really meet his final end in the Shire? A Return to Valinor: Celeborn. He stayed in Middle-earth long after Galadriel, and it is not known if he took the ship to the West. What if he did...? Tenth Walker, No Choice: can you dare it? A Tenth Walker by force...? Eärendil the Adventurer: Beneath the Moon and under star he wandered far from northern strands, bewildered on enchanted ways beyond the days of mortal lands. Balin's Company in Moria: "We cannot get out..." Go on. Write it. I dare you. Grinningly yours, Allie



Re: ATTN: The Heaven-Sent Horde

Balin's Company in Moria: "We cannot get out..." Hi Allie, I've looked at the nuzgul description for this one, and I'm still not sure. I have an idea percolating where Denethor sees the destruction of Balin's company through the palantir. (Who says he only used it to find news from Sauron?) It would be a bit of an outsider's perspective and a look at Moria after the colony was destroyed instead of a narrative as it was happening. Do you think this would fit? Marta



Re: ATTN: The Heaven-Sent Horde

As the adage goes, "variety is the spice of life". Go for it, Marta! The description says "tell what happened". Denethor seeing it through the palantir would put a remarkable twist on that idea, and we'd still find out what happened to Balin & Co. Plus, we all know how much you love to write about Denethor! Allie



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