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I'd really love to see a well-written look at the early days of Saruman and Gandalf- when they are very new to M.E. - closer to being Olorin and Curumo - and BEFORE the bitterness. I did one myself ... **lowers head humbly** ...called Life Everlasting- ***BUT- I would really love to see where others would take the idea. Saruman WAS Gandalf's Mentor, whatever that may, or may not entail. I never see this subject broached- EVER. A Mentor is a teacher, a guide, and usually- a good friend- at least eventually. I like Gandalf's gentle teasing of Saruman about "high policies" at the first Council Meeting- ( I think that was the event - ? ) anyway, either with slashiness, or without - ( break my heart, go ahead ) seriously, tho- love to see what others make of their EARLY story. Milly



Re: Istar Early Years on M.E. Challenge

Hi Milly Ooh, what an interesting idea this is. I would love to see people tackle this one. I'm afraid to say it isn't biting me to write this, although (*shooo*) I now have a pesky nuzgul hovering round my ankles about Thorongil counselling Ecthelion to put his trust in Gandalf rather than Saruman and the resulting tension between Saruman and Gandalf over that. Er, so you can probably count some success, as I now have to add this idea to my ever growing pile of unwritten stories. Anyway, I hope some other people do get bitten, as I would like to see these stories. Cheers, Liz



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