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Visions of Tol Eressëa

In Of The Rings of Power and the Third Age it is said that Elendil ‘would gaze out over the sundering seas, when the yearning of exile was upon him; and it is believed that thus he would at whiles see far away even the Tower of Avallónë upon Eressëa, where the Master-stone abode, and yet abides.’ Hence, it might be supposed that Sauron with his Seeing Stone could also at whiles look upon the Tower of Avallónë upon Eressëa. What did he see and think at such times? Karri



Re: Visions of Tol Eressëa

Ooh! This sounds interesting. Would it be possible to extend this to every day sort of people? I've been wondering lately about people who could see Tol Eressea. CLF



Re: Visions of Tol Eressëa

Sure. I'm fine with expanding it. Karri



Re: Visions of Tol Eressëa

Do we have more bitees?



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