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Disgruntled Valinorians

I believe it is said that after the war of the ring, and the death of the King, Legolas and Gimli sailed west across the sea and into Valinor. How did the elves already present in Valinor feel about a dwarf invading their homeland? Surely some of the first-age elves from Thingol's time had some opinions on the matter. Write a poem, drabble or whatever on how said elves felt the presence of Gimli in Valinor. Anyone? ~VG



Re: Disgruntled Valinorians

Damn you, VG, damn you! That makes...*counts* eight nuzgul waiting for me. Damn. Anyway, sounds fascinating, and count me in. What about Finrod? He was rather friendly with Dwarves, and one might assume (from the line in Silm after his death) that he's been let out of Mandos. He might be interesting. Plus Gimli might know him as a sort of legend.



Re: Disgruntled Valinorians

Sounds like an interesting challenge. You've got one victim already. Are there others?



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