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First Impressions

Here's my proposal: Write a story about a character's first impression upon arriving to a new place. What did they think, feel, smell, see, hear? Examples include: - Finrod's arrival in Beleriand after passing over the Helcaraxë. - Elros stepping off of the first ship to Númenor. - Gil-galad arriving in Lindon after the War of Wrath. - Elendil's ship pulling up to Middle-earth after the destruction of Númenor. - Durin the Deathless coming upon the Mirrormere after his awakening before he founded Khazad-dûm. You can use a canon or original character, in any place. It only has to be that character's first time in that place. Any thoughts? Arquen



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The above is an edit of the original post, which I did today. Arquen



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Hi Arquen, So the focus is on impressions of a place? Hm. This could be interesting. We haven't, to date, had nuzgûl that really tried to focus on landscape. Yet the land of M-e is an essential "character" of Tolkien's stories, a fact that urban writers such as myself who couldn't tell an orchid from a lily most days have had cause to bemoan! This could be really interesting, especially if one were inclined to focus on the sensual impact a place made on a character. Do we have any interested parties? Perhaps some of those participating in the "Three Colours" challenge would also be interested in this?



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Hi there! I suddenly have a vision of Finduilas coming to the White City for the first time ...*grin* I've kind of pledged my credit to the hilt at the moment but I could possibly write this if there was a nice *long* deadline. Edit: Er... I've succumbed already. I hope drabbles qualify - at any rate, mine is here

. nrink



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