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Tar-Miriel nuzgul

Am considering adopting this nuzgul (which will turn it into a challenge), but I have one question: does the ff have to deal with her earlier life, or can it concentrate on her death?



Re: Tar-Miriel nuzgul

There's really no time frame restriction on this one, only that her life be somehow remembered and written about, taking into account (it seems) her unhappy marriage to Ar-Pharazon.

So I'd say go for it.



Re: Tar-Miriel nuzgul

I've actually done both, except that one turned into the Father's Day Challenge.

Can't wait to see it.

~~* Zimraphel



Re: Tar-Miriel nuzgul

Well, I can give you the title already: "And These Pearls that Were Her Eyes."

Onwards from there. . .




Re: Tar-Miriel nuzgul

Love it, hurry up and write!!!

*~~ Zimraphel



Re: Tar-Miriel nuzgul

All right, Tar-Miriel is now a Challenge. Btw, if you have a story that can fit two Challenges, you're allowed to enter it into both, if you like. Go down to "Advanced" in the Challenges FAQ to learn how to do so.



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