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Technical Problems in the Birthday Workshop

Hello, all

The Birthday Challenges Workshop system is not working as it should right now. When you try to enter your story as a chapter in the birthday person's story, you get an error message. Tech support has been contacted and hopefully the problem will be resolved soon.

I will post messages here to keep you all informed.

Meanwhile, keep those stories and requests coming! So far we've got three going for October, for JunoMagic, Raksha the Demon and IgnobleBard. Smile

Gandalfs apprentice 



Re: Technical Problems in the Birthday Workshop

Hello, birthday folk!

All is now back to normal in the birthday workshop. Birthday babies, please add your story; drabblers, post your gift as a chapter in the story.

Please contact me if you need any help or have any questions.

And thank you, Ang, for your Web wizardry!




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