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April 2005 Birthdays - 3

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Special thanks to fliewatuet for being the first April baby to set up a story, and add it to workshop!

April 7 - Ainaechoiriel: I'll be 33. Legolas is my favorite character so, of course, I want something with him. How about something about Legolas's personal experience about why "we do not go that way" when speaking of following Gollum nigh to Dol Goldur?

April 20 - Nienna Narmolanya: Hi! My name is Nienna, and my birthday is April 20th. I will be 15 years old. I've never had a drabble written for me before. I'd like one that involves Éowyn and/or Merry. NO adult stuff, OK? It can be funny or serious; I like both equally.

April 22 - Nasira: I will be 23. I'm not picky about my drabbles. Whatever anyone comes up with will be just fine.

April 25 - Lady Ninde: I will be 47 years young on April 25. I would LOVE to see something with Elrond, Haldir,Boromir and Eomer...All four would be nice, or any combination of them would be great...

April 26 - Alexis Steele: I will be 24 on April 26. I would like a drabble featuring Faramir/Boromir/Elboron. Thank you.

April 28 - Shadow975 (Rachel): I'll be 41 on 4/28 and I would love a Faramir/Boromir drabble, anything happy and brotherly, preferably when they're adults but as children is also fine. The only other request I have about it is that Denethor, if he's mentioned, isn't mean or abusive or a villain.

I'd also take a similar Aragorn/Boromir drabble, or a Denethor/Faramir, or Denethor/Thorongil (c'mon, you know they must've had some pleasant moments together), or Thorongil/toddler!Boromir. (The slash just indicates those are the two characters I'd like to see interacting, not that I'm looking for the smut (though any smut between unrelated adults would be quite welcome.))

April 29 - Fliewatuet: My birthday is April 29 and I am still a pervy Aragorn fancier. So everything featuring my favourite Ranger/King/Captain/whatever is fine with me. Maybe some interaction with your favourite character? Or lacking a favourite character that fits into 3rd/4th Age some interaction with Denethor (always good for some tension) or Halbarad (if your drabble muse is rather in for some friendship)?



Re: April 2005 Babies - Part 3

Hi Allie! You might want to remove the copy of Lady Ninde's request from the bottom, since you've already added it to the master list... - Barbara



Re: April 2005 Babies - Part 3

Re: INROADS - for Nienna Thank you SO much, Raksha! "Inroads" was beautiful! I especially loved the young girl that represented me. I could actually see myself in her. I've always wished I could be a part of a fantasy world. The end left me with a warm, happy feeling inside. What a wonderful birthday present! I really appreciate it! Thanks again. ~Nienna Narmolanya I'm glad you liked it, Nienna. I deliberately never named the girl; so she could represent all the young girls of Gondor who lost kinsmen on the Pelennor, as well as yourself. The fun thing about HASA is that here you are part of a fantasy world - by reading the fanfiction, and writing it if you like.... I hope you had a wonderful birthday! RAKSHA THE DEMON, who was fifteen once!



Re: April 2005 Babies - Part 3

He he he... I totally just "Ctrl+A, Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V"d. Wasn't thinking... Thanks muchly, O Stickler of Many Infinite Details! Allie



Re: April 2005 Babies - Part 3

Thanks muchly, O Stickler of Many Infinite Details! *chuckle* - Barbara



For Nasira, who isn't picky

Happy birthday! Amazingly, the nuzgûl bit exactly on your birthday. More Than Memory When his father'd first brought him to this high chamber, he'd shown him also the book that read: With farseeing eye, as through mist, Elendil perceived the peaks of Meneltarma. Westernmost memory–ever past, yet ever present! "We stand upon that foundered ground, stewards of its memory, but memory only," Ecthelion had said. Five years since Denethor laid his father in Rath Dínen. A bare month since he laid his wife there. Memory's ever past, ever present–too real, groundless foundering. The future, though... his–Gondor's–future... surely he might... Desire draws the eye that draws desire, as stone awakens...
Legend had it among the Dúnedain that Meneltarma had not sunk wholly, and could be seen by those "farsighted" (Silmarillion, 348 ). Combine this with the later bit about Elendil, the palantír, and the sighting of Avallónë, and you've got yourself a theory...



Re: For Nasira, who isn't picky

NO, Denny, don't touch that stone! Too late! He just couldn't resist. Great little drabble! All that history, desire and hunger for knowledge of the future - in only 100 words. RAKSHA THE DEMON



For Rachel (Shadow975)

Happy Birthday, Rachel! I managed to write a (more or less) happy moment for the brothers Mir. At swim, two brothers The Anduin was low and the grass on its banks tawny as a lion's coat in that late summer. The brothers crossed mud and pebbles on wincing feet; once in, Faramir could have stayed in the cool water forever. A small fish flickering in the shallows, watching slow shadows pass overhead… "Daydreaming again?" A grip on his ankle dragged him underwater, and he kicked Boromir in the stomach before they surfaced together, sputtering. When Boromir's body floats past in this same river, Faramir remembers that day, and how the dry grass speckled their backs as they lay in the sun. [If the title sounds familiar, that's because it's adapted from Jamie O'Neill's novel At swim, two boys.]



Happy birthday, Rachel

I managed to beat my muses into submission just on time --
A Captain's Duty
"Captain! A moment, if you would?" Thorongil stopped mid-stride, just outside the Steward's office, and turned to face Denethor warily. He was tired, sore and hungry and though the day was still young, he only wished to wash off the dirt of the road and sleep. As it seemed, the Steward's son had other tasks for him in mind. "My son was most delighted to hear of your return and asked to see you at once." Denethor's face was a mask, unreadable as always. His decision made, Thorongil sketched a bow. "Lead the way. I would not keep him waiting." -- Happy birthday and many happy returns! fliewatuet



Re: Happy birthday, Rachel

Happy birthday, Rachel! Boromir and Faramir acting like brothers, with fatherly!Denethor thrown in for good measure. They're children, but Boromir at least is nearing manhood. Kissing Leads to Trouble ***** "Boromir, you fool! You cannot kiss girls like that!" Denethor turned and saw Faramir running down the corridor toward his brother. "Kiss girls how?" Boromir asked, glancing apprehensively toward Denethor. "I too would like to know," Denethor added, fixing his son with an authoritative stare. "'Twas nothing!" Boromir claimed. "Nay, your governess said kissing girls like that leads to trouble, when she found you and Eseleth in the study." Boromir blushed, but Denethor placed his hand on his shoulder. "Miriel spoke of serving-girls. 'Tis natural and healthy for boys Boromir's age to kiss young ladies -- when both feel free to refuse." (Note: Eseleth is an OC referred to in my story Summer Nights, where she has an illegitimate child with Boromir.)



For Shadow

Happy belated Birthday, Dear Rachel! Rachel wanted a happy, brotherly drabble with Faramir and Boromir as adults. This one isn't exactly happy, I guess, but it's not my fault. Boromir wasn't in a good mood that day. Plus, it was hot in Ithilien ;-) *** Chess games ‘Surely you could’ve found a better way to pass the time,’ Boromir said, moving his finger from Knight to Rook. Faramir watched him steadily, a slight smile across his face. ‘Ithilien is too hot for this.’ Quickly, Boromir grabbed the Knight and advanced it one step. ‘Boromir. Concentration,’ Faramir said, leaning forward, ‘is key to this game. Now, why did you make that move? Look at my Captain.’ Comprehension dawned, and Boromir’s frown deepened. ‘Well, you’ve gotten better. You beat me quicker this time.’ ‘It is not over yet.’ ‘It will be.’ ‘It’s never over,’ Faramir said, ‘until it’s over.’ *** P.S. Of course, after this, they probably went to cool off in the river and then maybe, maybe, Boromir took off his shirt... I guess that's the happy part. P.S.2 All references to chess come from Altariel's stories, 'The King is Dead' and 'Black Captain.'



Re: For Nasira, who isn't picky

Ooh, a bit of foreshadowing on your part? What brings Denethor to first look into the palantir, perhaps. Poetically written, Dwim! --Ainaechoiriel



For Fliewatuet

For Fliewatuet, who wanted Aragorn, any time, any place. Here's Aragorn, though indirectly. Hope you like it :-) Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great day. Cheers, Starlight *** What's in a name? With his hand on Théoden’s shoulder, Thengel realized where his son’s hopes lay for the outcome of the match. The dark-haired man had swerved a moment too soon, momentarily losing his advantage, and the boy’s body had tensed at once. ‘He’ll win, in the end, won’t he, Papa?’ ‘Just watch.’ Eager eyes turned back to the practice field as Anhaga, as the people were calling him, now pursued victory. 'Solitary,' Thengel thought. Aye. That he is. I wish the people would call him differently. From what I see, 'Eadwyn' would suit him better. Time proved him right. *** Anhaga: Solitary Eadwyn: Valued



Re: For Fliewatuet

Oooh, lookit! Little Theoden! Yay! Very nice, Starlight!



Re: For Fliewatuet

Thank you, Starlight! You captured a wonderful moment. And yet another name for Aragorn is revealed Thanks again, fliewatuet



For Rachel

(Thanks, Barbara, I finally made it.) Happy birthday, Rachel. A happy moment for the Mir brothers and Denethor. "Duties" Denethor stopped close to the door and listened. "I tell you, I read it in a book!" "You read too many books, brother." "But it is true. A king..." "With you, it is always some king of old. Do you want some or not?" "Father will kill us..." "Only if he finds out." A sudden crack was heard. Denethor leaned forward silently and looked into the room, to find his sons breaking nuts with his rod of office. He smiled and it took him some time to suitably harden his face. He stepped inside to fulfil his duty as father.



For Fliewatuet

A little late, but there are an extra fifty words to make up for that. I think I managed to post it to the Workshop correctly, and this link *should* take you there: Crownless



Re: For Rachel

(Thanks, Barbara, I finally made it.) You're welcome, Rachel... glad to see you found your way here! (HASA has so many forums that it's hard to know where to look...) As I said on the HA list, this drabble made me smile... - Barbara Edit: P.S. May I recommend making the title of your drabbles bold rather than using quotation marks around it? That's what most people do on this forum. To do that, you would use the <b> and </b> commands around it, for example: <b>Duties</b>



Re: For Fliewatuet

Thank you, Forodwaith! The drabble (and a half) was well worth the wait. There's nothing like an unexpected birthday drabble featuring my favourite pair of Rangers and providing wonderful insight into their 'everyday' life. And I hope you will stay with me for counsel after that day comes. But that last line was my favourite, though a painful reminder (in hindsight) that Aragorn's wish would never be granted.



Re: April 2005 Babies - Part 3

April 20 - Nienna Narmolanya: Hi! My name is Nienna, and my birthday is April 20th. I will be 15 years old. I've never had a drabble written for me before. I'd like one that involves Éowyn and/or Merry. NO adult stuff, OK? It can be funny or serious; I like both equally. Here's Eowyn and Merry, but in a moment I borrowed from someone else's story -- Tanaqui's "The Influence of Kindred Desires", which is available at this site. That story is adult for sexually explicit scenes, but the part I'm drawing from isn't. Specifically it's chapter two, where Faramir and Éowyn receive wedding gifts from Merry and Pippin. It's a very cute scene, and I've always wanted to write about Merry or Pippin deciding to send their gift, or making it, or something from that angle. So Tanaqui deserves credit as the inspiration behind this. And the beta. (Can a drabble be beta'd? You bet it.) Thanks. Wedding Gifts Merry turned the horn in his hand, a gift from the White Lady. So small for a world so overgrown! Much of Rohan had felt too large, but not this horn. Éowyn had claimed it brought help at need, and it had. Now such need was naught but a memory. Hobbit-children might still die of disease but no longer by a ruffians' sword. War had fled the Mark and Ithilien too. Dernhelm was no more: Éowyn would marry Faramir. Peace was sweet. Buckland had many rams. One of their horns would make a fitting gift for this new age.



For Nienna Narmolanya

Hi Nienna Marta discussing her drabble with me persuaded Merry to talk to me at last. Sorry for the belatedness. This is set at the Field of Cormallen. I'm afraid Faramir and Pippin muscled their way in too (as they tend to do in anything I write ). but I hope you still enjoy it Matchmaking I laughed at the news. “I knew it! I knew he’d ask her! I’m so glad she said yes.” “Oh, give over. You couldn’t possibly have known.” Pippin glared at me. But I remembered. I had been surprised when he sent for me, and more so at the turn his questions took. Yet I saw in the evening how the slightest sound drew his gaze again and again towards the house, and his disappointment when she did not come. And I knew. Men and Hobbits are not so different. If I were a Man, I would have wooed her myself. Happy belated birthday. Cheers, Liz



Re: For Nienna Narmolanya

Thank you SO much Marta and Tanaqui! The drabbles you wrote for me were so beautiful! Men and Hobbits are not so different. If I were a Man, I would have wooed her myself. Tanaqui, this line did two things: got me thinking and made me laugh. What a well written sentence! The drabble was wonderful. Marta, your drabble left me feeling so happy. All of Middle-earth finally coming to peace after the destrcution of Sauron. Such a beautiful thing. I don't care how late you are! I would gladly receive b-day drabbles months after the fact because they make me so happy! I thank you both again. ~Nienna



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