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August 2004 Birthdays - 2

Welcome to August, birthday girls and boys! Make your birthday card requests here.

(Some date corrections made.)

August 4—Anglachel: Ang will be 40... Anything involving the number 4, given the above numbers.

Anything involving Denethor doing something unexpected. Anything involving a dragon, as that is my zodiac sign. If you can put them all together, I will stand in permanent awe of your talents.

August 13—Elvenesse: I'd love a drabble about the ending of the world. Or if that's not inspiring, I'd like a coming of age drabble, since I'll finally be able to legally read the stuff I've been reading for the last four or five years.

August 15—powzie: My keyword is "Ranger." I would also love anyone from my triad: Hama, Hirgon or Halbarad (or any of the other heroes from the long list of those who had an unlucky "H" name.)

New August 19—Eruwestial: I'd love anything with Legolas and Gimli. Slash preferred, but friendship is fine. THANKS so much!

New August 23—Uineniel: I'd love to see anything about Aragorn telling someone else a story. If that isn't inspiring, how about a character turning 13 (as I will too).

August 30—Kristi: I would like anything with Eowyn and Faramir in it. You name the time period, General or Mature audience.



For Elvenesse

Elvenesse: I'd love a drabble about the ending of the world. Happy (belated) birthday! Better late than never, right?
Again It started with music and thus it shall end. Trumpets sound. Darkness falls. A weary world whispers its last. In the nothingness a single voice breathes new life. Slowly others join, weaving their own strength and beauty into the song. They sing of the world that was and the world that shall be, creating and destroying at once. Good does not exist without evil; nor pleasure without pain. There can not be one without the other. Those who have experienced long life shall now know death. And those who have known death; theirs is eternal life. Ending and beginning are one.
Hope you liked!



Re: August 2004--continued

August 19—Eruwestial: I'd love anything with Legolas and Gimli. Happy Birthday, Eruwestial! In Fangorn Forest "Can you not feel it? In such a grove such as this, peopled by ancient trees from another age of the world, is all the music of Arda itself. Voiceless and yet not silent, wordless and more eloquent than any minstrel's song, deep and yet as clear as the first note ever heard: in the harmony of a tree's life is all the wonder of creation," Legolas said, his hand resting reverently on the bole of the great evergreen. "You move me, my friend. For the sake of our friendship, this I vow: from this day no living tree will ever feel my axe. So swear I, Gimli Glóin's son." "Hroom, hmm! You are a most unusual dwarf, son of Glóin. Tree-friend as well as elf-friend I name you; you may pass freely within Fangorn's wood whenever you wish." Treebeard said. "Hoom! You alone, mind you: I have not yet grown so hasty that my goodwill extends to all your axe-wielding folk." cheers, Maya



For Eruwestial

Eruwestial: I'd love anything with Legolas and Gimli. Slash preferred, but friendship is fine. Happy Birthday! Hey - I even got it in on time!
Much to Learn “Behold the magnificence!” I see the Elf arch his eyebrow, a look of disdain crossing his face. “Master Dwarf,” he says, “I see closed-in space; dark, cold and devoid of life. Where do you look, my friend, that you see magnificence?” I reach up, taking his shoulder in my hand, smiling at the fact that such a far-sighted individual can miss the beauty right in front of him. “Look again. I see rainbows of light sparkling around every corner.” He looks at me and smiles. “We still have much to learn about each other.” “Aye, my friend, that we do.”



Re: August 2004--continued

For Eruwestial, only a little late. Farewell I pause, hands on the stern of the beached boat, ready to thrust it into the water, and look back to where the forest springs up at the edge of the sand. Finally I am free to answer the call that has sung in my heart all these years. But now the trees call with equal intensity, and I stand poised, torn between competing songs, the land of my birth, rich with beauty and wonders yet untasted, and the land of my destiny, mystery and promise beyond the waves. Gimli shifts impatiently, still uncomfortable with the motion of the boat. “What are you waiting for?” But then he sees my face, and understands. “Ah, indeed, it is a fair world we leave, my friend.” Our eyes meet, sharing grief and joy. Then he turns to gaze toward the western horizon. “But what awaits is fairer still. Or at least, so you have convinced me.” I know his words for truth. With a last farewell to all I have known, I shove the boat through the waves and leap aboard, turning the sail to catch the wind. Together we sail West, while around us the ocean thunders the music of creation. Elana



For powzie's birthday

Better late than never, right...? This was supposed to be Halbarad, but somehow the voice turned into that of an EveryRanger. A Ranger's Life The open sky your roof and the moon for night-candle. A grey cloak for bedding, shelter and concealment all alike. For weeks you hear no voice other than the eternal wind scouring the dry grass on the hills. No eyes meet yours but the opaline glare of wolves just outside the ring of firelight. Rough wool, sodden leather, chilled steel are all that your fumbling, chilblained fingers touch. Your reward? A sullen stare from a fat innkeeper as he grudgingly draws you a pint; respectable women pulling their skirts and children aside as you pass them in the muddy lanes.



Re: August 2004--continued

August 23—Uineniel: I'd love to see anything about Aragorn telling someone else a story. If that isn't inspiring, how about a character turning 13 (as I will too). ~~~~ Hello Uineniel~ Hope your birthday was a great one! Sorry this is late but I hope you enjoy it. Cheers! Vistula ~~~~ “Ada, why are you sad?” Aragorn turned to look at his son who stood before him tall and proud. He was a boy turning thirteen and well on his way to becoming a man. “I was thinking, Eldarion,” he admitted, “of how swiftly the years pass. So much has already faded from memory. I wonder, when you are king, how much of what brought you to that end will already be forgotten.” “But I will never forget your stories of Frodo and the Ring, Ada. I promise, they will live on through me.” “I know.” And smiling, Aragorn nodded, appeased.



Re: August 2004--continued

August 30—Kristi: I would like anything with Eowyn and Faramir in it. You name the time period, General or Mature audience. ~~~ Hello Kristi, Happy (early) Birthday on the 30th! Hope you have a wonderful day. Cheers, Vistula ~~~ Anticipation of Love Thrum… thrum… thrum… Is it the sound of hoof beats or the crescendo of a heart beating in anticipation of love? Pacing the parapet, eyes scan the road, searching eagerly for a rider’s approach. There it is – a flash, the glint of sun on harness. Expectation starts the heart leaping, fire burning in the belly, passion flaring like the kiss of the late summer rays on a joyous face. Running feet skip every other step to reach the courtyard, racing the rider to the opening gate. She leaps from the saddle into his arms, and in his soul, Faramir smiles.



Re: August 2004--continued

Wowo. Lateness doesn't matter. That was...wonderful. I must say I rather like Eldarion too. Thanks, Vistula!



Re: August 2004--continued

One for your collection of H-names, Tay. Happy belated birthday. Life On A Level As a child, Háma had climbed upon the roof to lie watching the stars. And as a young man sweaty from sword lessons, he'd pour the water over his head for relief, and stand there, head thrown back. How very like a dome the sky always seemed then, and he centered beneath its height, with all the rest falling splendid about him. But before the dawn call, Háma looks out, not up. He sees no dome: the center holds no more, for the world is not for one boy unfolded, but he's for the world, as men cry: Forth, Éorlingas! ***** Bowl/horizon concept borrowed from Eric O. Springsted, "Will and Order: The Moral Self in Augustine's De Libero Arbitrio"; Augustinian Studies 29, 1998 : p. 92.



For Powzie and Uineniel

Hi, Powzie and Uineniel. Happy Birthday! This is my first ever drabble, but I hope it sounds okay. Banners He carried the banner of the king proudly into the heated battle, stabbing, kicking, and wrestling his way through. Suddenly, as he felt a pain envelop his stomach, as darkness took him, he remembered . . . ~*~*~*~*~ "That's for me?" the boy asked, staring at the beatifully decorated banner, blowing lazily in the breeze. "What's it for? I've never seen it before." The boy's father smiled. "Halbarad, you have lived for thirteen summers, now. You are almost a man, and deserve something more then a present to remember this day by." "You know, though, Father, that I do not hate gifts, either . . ." Halbarad smiled.



Re: For Powzie and Uineniel

I'm really sure if Halbarad sounded bratty in that drabble or not. Maybe . . . sorry if he did. Like I said, though, this is my first drabble. I'm still kind of afraid of the whole one-hundred word limit. CLF



Re: August 2004--continued

Here you are, powzie. Very late, I know. This is my first ever drabble, so it's probably quite bad. ~~ Jewels Set in a Sheath That sword! It teases my eyes lying there, set about with jewels and glinting in the sunlight. He said that death would come to any man who touched it. But I cannot help being drawn to it, to the smooth black hilt, and I cannot help but marvel at the play of sunlight upon the gold tracery in the scabbard. I reach for it. It is too much to resist it. And then I hear my lord's call. 'Hama!' And I go to him, glad to be away from this dilemma in earthly form. THE END



Re: For powzie's birthday

Forodwaith -- You know there is no discrimination in me between named and unnamed rangers. You have this just right for me - that sense that their reward is no less a real reward, that the disdain they are gifted with tells them they are doing everything just as it should be done. many thanks --fileg



Re: August 2004--continued

Dwim Many thanks for this moment. It made my heart beat faster (not just from picturing wet Hama under the stars) Both the visuals and the spirituals - so beautiful. Hama in the Norse myths was born on the horizon at the moment where night and day meet - that rushed back to me here. -- fileg



Re: For Powzie and Uineniel

Thanks so much. I thought you handled him just right, cheeky but respectful. It makes me sad to think of that foreshadowing, but proud of him, knowing he accepted his destiny but did not lose his sense of humor. --fileg



Re: August 2004--continued

Presents are like wizards, Noldo - they are never late, they arrive precisely when they are ready, This was lovely, and gave me something new to think about - that Andruil is for that moment evey bit as dangerous and beautiful, desirable and unobtainable as the ring. It is Aragorn's unveiling, and I thnk you have caught the power in it. many thanks --fileg



Re: August 2004--continued

Many thanks for this moment. You're welcome! It made my heart beat faster (not just from picturing wet Hama under the stars) I'm so glad I wasn't drinking anything just now! But I'm happy that it struck home. Poor Háma, doomed by the curse of the H-names. Hama in the Norse myths was born on the horizon at the moment where night and day meet That was a bit of cosmic serendipity, then--I didn't know that, I just thought it was a lovely way of explaining the ethical turn. Hope you had a happy birthday! Dwim



Re: August 2004--continued

fileg, You're very welcome. I should read these forums more often, as that comment made my day. Happy belated birthday, once again, and hoping it was a lovely one. Noldo



Re: For Powzie and Uineniel

A nice little moment. His character's come out very nicely, though it's depressing to think of his fate once again.



Re: August 2004--continued

Do I get an award for the most belated birthday present ever? ;-) I finally finished Fileg's - though it's not a drabble. Instead it's a double drabble and a short story. The Chieftain of the Dúnedain
The Unbroken Sword



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