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Question for Elvish linguists

O knowledgeable ones,

I am trying to create a Quenya plant name combining the elements sindë (silver) and lassë (leaf). Is it as simple as running them together as sindëlassë, or would there be some kind of lenition between the two words?

Alternatively there's Sindarin, but celeblas doesn't appeal to me.

Thoughts, suggestions?



Re: Question for Elvish linguists

The formation of sindëlassë is mostly correct, except you should lose the first set of dots over the e, giving sindelassë. In Quenya the dots do not have any meaning beyond indicating that the e should be pronounced, and not dropped off the ending of a word, as it is in for instance house.

Sindë means "grey, pale or silvery grey" ; other options are:
telpë and tyelpë, and yes, they are the cognates of Sindarin celeb. These refer to the metal silver as well as the colour, but there are precedents for using it for plants (Telperion, anyone?).
Telpelassë or tyelpelassë would be the name then.



Re: Question for Elvish linguists

Thanks Nath! Sindelassë it is, then.



Re: Question for Elvish linguists

This is serendipitous. You wouldn't happen to know which of sindë and telpë would be better in reference to the silver colour of a star?



Re: Question for Elvish linguists

from the Ardalambion wordlist:
STARLIGHT or LIGHT OF SILPION (Telperion): silmë (noun), also referenced under 'silver'.
If you want an adjective, it might be something like silmëa. If you'd rather not use my dodgy coinages, telpë or tyelpë is probably the best choice, since sindë refers to a 'softer' , as much grey as silver colour (at least that's my interpretation)



Re: Question for Elvish linguists

Thanks, Nath.



Re: Question for Elvish linguists

Two more questions for the Elvish aficionados.

1) Is Naugrim Sindarin or Quenya? What would the singular form be?

2) I'd like to use Tasariel as a name for an OC. If I've managed to combine elements correctly, that should mean something like "willow maiden." Yes, no, not even close?



Re: Question for Elvish linguists

Suilad Forodwaith,

_Naugrim_ is Sindarin.

The element _tasar_ is Quenya. The Sindarin equivalent would be _tathar_ (willow) so, S. “Willow-maiden” would be _Tathariel_. Perhaps someone else will help with the Quenya version.




Re: Question for Elvish linguists

Thanks, Ithildin!

Okay, so if I wanted a Quenya name (which for various reasons I think I do) it would have to be -

Hrm, hoom. For some reason I had thought the -riel name suffix worked in both languages (it was probably Alatariel/Galadriel that threw me off the right track).



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