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@$#%$&$*%^#^ in ME revisited

I read through the long and informative thread on swearing and cursing in M-e and it was helpful, but not for the phrase I'm trying to decide how to say.

I'm looking for how one (one from Gondor/Minas Tirith specifically) would say "I'm going to kick his ass!" See, not exactly swearing. More like a slightly vulgar expression to say how the speaker is going to react to something. I feel it excludes one possible solution suggested - it doesn't lend itself to a phrase that 'refers' to it, because it's a reaction, and rather necessary to the conversation. 

I feel I have the option to say an "equivalent" that feels like it belongs in M-e, or come up with a creative phrase that would express the same sentiment. What do people think?





Re: @$#%$&$*%^#^ in ME revisited

How about, "I'll give him the drubbing of his life!"

 That's not vulgar, but it's true to the period.  Also -- check Shakespeare for many inventive phrases.  LOL

Or, you could say, "I'll give him a bollocking!"



Re: @$#%$&$*%^#^ in ME revisited

ah, Shakespeare. Not a bad idea. He was quite creative, actually.





Re: @$#%$&$*%^#^ in ME revisited

Here's another good one --"I'll have his guts for garters."

Old-fashioned, innocent, yet effective. 



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