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help with a made-up Sindar name


I need a made-up name for a character only mentioned once in a ficlet I'm polishing - so don't drive yourselves crazy over it.

I wanted a name that would mean something like 'Storm'. The name is for an animal, so I created Gwaelion; which I'm hoping means "wind-son". Should it be Gwaehion instead - I have only a poor grasp on the concept of lenition, and was vaguely using Gwaihir as a model, and ended up liking the sound of the name. Can I get away with using it, or will those readers who actually have a good comprehension of Sindarin be snickering at me?




Re: help with a made-up Sindar name

According to my sources, Gwael is gull – probably not quite the meaning you are looking for here. Gwaew is wind - so Gwaewion might be OK. Some other masculine endings are –dor (lit. –tor with t > d), –dan, –dir, and the older Doriathrin ending –on. You could probably drop the 'w' at the end if the suffix starts with a consonant.

You might also consider sûl (= 'wind') with either –ion or another masculine ending (ex. Súlion) and then there's the attested Alagos which means 'storm of wind'.

One of the above mentioned endings is actually already lenited. I don't understand all the intricacies of lenition in word building, but it seems to me that the letter 'd' doesn't always lenit in such uses, at least it doesn't in Haldir, so I'm guessing it would be OK without lenition in the above cases.

Hope that helps,
Ithildin *(



Re: help with a made-up Sindar name

Thanx much, Ithildin! Súlion sounds good - that is Sindarin, isn't it? Or should it be Sûlion with the circumflex over the u? I can't tell if that mark you wrote is a circumflex or an accent....And I can't figure out how to change font sizes here, much less color.



Re: help with a made-up Sindar name

You are most welcome, I am glad you found one you liked.


I used the circumflex on the Sindarin root word sûl  and the acute accent on the coined name Súlion. The way I understand it, the circumflex denotes 'extra-long' vowels which are mostly found in one syllable words. So, when a word is changed to become multi-syllable, the vowel becomes shorter. It may be that no accent is needed in the final word (especially if it falls on an unstressed syllable) but I think it is correct to use the acute accent here, as the first syllable will still receive the stress.  An attested example might be dûn - 'west' (with circumflex) and dúnadan – 'man of the west' (with acute accent).

The difference between the acute accent and the circumflex may not be all that important anyway. In Tengwar both 'long' and 'extra-long' vowels are marked alike. I have read that Tolkien used the different marks only when Sindarin was transcribed into our Roman alphabet, presumably to help (us poor, non-native Elvish speakers) with pronunciation. 


 As for the colors and fonts, I admit I formatted in MS Word; then pasted it in. On the forum reply toolbar the little color palette icon lets you pick a font color but I don't see any options for actually changing the font or text size.  I do like the 'magnifying' symbol picker for writing those accented elvish letters – very handy!

 Ithildin  *(



Re: help with a made-up Sindar name

I don't have MS Word; just MS Works and Notepad. I can't access the palette icon.

I appreciate your help. Súlion may be a very minor OC in a ficlet I'm working on, but I like my use of Tolkien's languages to be credible even for spear-carriers. Well, he can't carry spears; he's a hound (I decided that Huan the Hound's sire and dam should be named ), but for personal reasons I wanted him named something vaguely stormy...

Hmm. Now I'm getting plotbunnies that want me to do more with Súlion. Darn pesky nuzgul! I already am up to my neck in Faramir-nuzgul (which sounds vaguely pleasant); I don't have time for more!

It's all your fault. You named the critter too well.

Seriously, thanx much!




Re: help with a made-up Sindar name

I know the feeling. You could probably download Open Office 1.4 though and achieve relatively the same result. There's a free download available at if you're interested.




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