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Higher Powers


I'm starting to wonder what I've gotten myself into.

But behold!

I bring ye Research Elves WIP bios of Manwë and Varda. Look 'em over, if you would, and tell me if things look good before I go any further. I've never done bios before, so I just want to double check.

Oh, and a question: were I to create a bio for Eru, the Race would be "Other", yeah? 'Cause he's for sure not an Ainu.




Re: Higher Powers

Hi Allie

I'm starting to wonder what I've gotten myself into

Making us other Research Elves cackle manically.... bwahahaha.

Seriously, I am thrilled you are doing these bios. They are a great addition to the resource library and I'm sure will be of enormous help to people like me who are a bit vague about the Higher Powers. (Also, Barbara evilly landed me with a nuzgul to write an erotic drabble about Ainur for the Exciting Drabble challenge *sigh* so at least I can now select the characters from the dropdowns.)

I think you've made a really terrific start with these two bios: the "small fields" are very complete, and you've found great quotes and nicely linked with in-text and sidelinks.

Some minor suggestions:

In the meaning and other names fields, you may want to give the language, as you did in the Varda bio in the names field.

For Dates, you might want to use the categories we have for events (which would be Pre-Trees - 4th Age).

Manwë bio:

The Vanyar he loved best of all the Elves
--> You could move the link to "Elves" here rather than later

With Manwë dwelt Varda the most beautiful
--> Now you have a bio for Varda, you could link "Varda"

Varda bio:

You could sidelink the Varda bio to the "Valar" bio, as you did with Manwë.

for Melkor she knew from before the making of the Music
--> You could link "Music" to event id 323, The Beginning of the World.

These really are cracking entries. Thank you so much for doing them!

*sigh* But so many additional things I'd like to link to that we don't have entries for yet - but will! (Oops, not that I'm asking you to enter them - I think a number of them have already been bagged by others!)

By the way, you may want to join the Resources Discussions workshop and post in the associated thread. We've moved a lot of the more geeky discussions (such as feedback on entries or discussions of how to present a particular data item) over there, where they're not as visible and boring (and scary) to most members. You''ll also find some useful resources in the workshop, such as HTML templates.

Any member of HASA is very welcome to join the workshop, as an observer or participant. It's simply that "Here be geeks being ultra-geeky".....


Cheers, Liz



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