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Family Trees

I was searching today for a good hobbit family tree, and I was wondering if we could have one here at HA, instead of people having to search all over the internet for one. We could have some of the main hobbit and elven families, and we could even add more characters than the books have on their trees. Since I have hardly any knowledge of html or web pages in general, I have no idea how this would be done, or if it is even possible, I just wanted to get the idea out there. I would be very willing to help with this, I used to be a research helper, but since I was gone for HA for a few months, I now no longer am. Also, as I was browsing through the timeline, I was wondering if there was a way to display in the regular area like it is in the admin area, with each subject only taking up about one line. ~Moriel



Re: Family Trees

Moriel, this is a great question and an issue we are trying to solve. We want to display genealogies, but haven't quite figured out how, unless as a downloadable PDF. Still considering options. We are in process of redesigning the resource area, so I particularly welcome your ideas now. There have been changes to the admin area, and anyone not active for lost access. I will reactivate your admin access. (You'll notice some changes, and an extra screen to get through. Select Resources from the menu across the top.) Lyllyn



Re: Family Trees

Lyllyn, I'm very glad that you are looking into the genealogies! And thanks for making me a resource admin again! ~Moriel



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