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character 'None'

Shouldn't the character 'None' be removed from the list of bios? I can't see myself or anyone else write a bio for this character...



Re: character 'None'

I can think some of entertaining bios to write for this, but no, I wouldn't recommend it. Likewise I don't see us writing a bio for 'Other character' either.

The drop down list from the top left of HASA pages for story finding is the same list we are working from, and I don't think we can alter this. I'll check with Ang, but just ignore it for now.




Re: character 'None'

Oh, right. OK, "None" is an adminsitrative designation because every story must have at least one "character" associated with it. It's used for non-fiction pieces and where thre is no clear character designation.

This is a low priority fix for me. Just ignore it for now and when I have some breathing space, I'll filter that one entry out. Yllyn, keep after me on this so I don't forget.


Though I do think we could come up with a very amusing bio for "None" if we put our heads to it. Sort of like "The Life and Times of Anonymous".



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