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Dúnedain - treasures and mercenaries

Some time back on the Yahoo list, we had a great debte about how the Dúnedain might have supported themselves after the fall of the northern kingdom. This also touches on the economics of Bree and (to a lesser - or perhaps greater degree) of Rivendell and the Shire, too.

There was speculation about treasures of Arnor, and the possibilities of hiring out as mercenaries. I have a plot twist in a story I am writing about a book that Bilbo gets his hands on - it is bound in leather and written in something that looks like Sindarin. Something I'm trying to figure out is how such a book would come to be in the hnads of a dusty old Big Person peddlar in Whitfurrows.

Was it stolen? Robbed from a grave? Sold out of necessity? Traded? Found on some shelf?




Re: Dúnedain - treasures and mercenaries

I've always pictured the Rangers as supported by a homefront, so to speak. Small, isolated communities where the women raised the children, grew crops and made things to trade. I think the Northern Dúnedain also received a lot of economic support from Rivendell.

As to the about handed down from generation to generation? I bet there was a lot of stuff like that among the Dúnedain.

Darn you, Mudge. You've spawned a Nuzgul about the girl Halbarad left behind and it's demanding to be attended to. Down boy! Down! *whaps at Nuzgul with rolled-up newspaper*




Re: Dúnedain - treasures and mercenaries

In my fanfic universe the Northern Dunedain are herdsmen, (sheep, cattle, pigs, horses too but mostly for their own use). Agriculture is a little to noticeable, (how do you hide thousands of acres of cultivation?) not to mention being very labor intensive. On the other hand herd animals can forage in the wilds watched over by a few herdsmen/women and their dogs.

The Rangers trade the meat, skins and wool to the Dwarves for metal, tools, etc. The Dwarves, (who I see as the middle men of Middle Earth) also act as intermediaries obtaining grain, vegetables, etc. from the Shire, Bree and other settlements on behalf of the Rangers as well as themselves.

Undoubtedly the Rangers also trade with the Elves of Imladris, (*far* to small to be self supporting!) for cloth, paper, books, etc.

I have been accused of making Ranger life to comfortable and luxurious but as I see it, if isolated Bree and hidden Imladris manage to maintain a comfortable standard of living - why not the Northern Dunedain?



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