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I need a bird that could conceivably be living in the Gondor area that wouldn't be found further North. I'm thinking I need a non-british bird and those are the only ones I really know anything about.

Is there anyone that can help?

paranoidangel *wondering how she manages to get herself into these things, stupid Nuzgul*



Re: Birds

I'm not sure what kind of bird you're looking for, or what the environment you're finding this bird in, so i can't suggest a specific one, but might be of some help.



Re: Birds

Ooh, so many birds to choose from, thank you.

What I'm looking for is what might be fairly common in Minas Tirith (like you'd get, say long-tailed tits or robins here), but wouldn't be found further North in Rivendell or Lorien. It would be handy if it had a nice song and looked pretty, but since we're not going to find out what this bird is, it doesn't really matter too much about that. As long as I can find a way to describe it!




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