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Discussing: agricultural seasons in the Shire?

agricultural seasons in the Shire?

Can someone tell me when would be the start of harvest, in the Shire? For wheat, say, and other grains, and orchard fruit -- crops you'd need a lot of hand labor to bring in?



Re: agricultural seasons in the Shire?

Hi Jo -

Since Tolkien based it so explicitly on England, I try to stick as closely to the English climate as I can when writing about the Shire. I've often had to resort to asking our UK members for seasonal pointers - this kind of info can be surprisingly hard to find elsewhere.

For wheat & other grains, harvest will partly depend on weather conditions earlier in the year; a late spring or a very wet summer, for example, can delay the harvest. Generally speaking, though, you'd expect to be harvesting in August to mid-September.

For apples, I'm not sure where I remember this from, but I think that apple season would be later - September or October?? (Take that with a grain of salt, though, for as I've said I don't remember my source.)



Re: agricultural seasons in the Shire?

Thanks, Forodwaith (hope I spelled that right?) -- anyhow, much appreciated! I'm tangling with a story where this turns out important.



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