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Appearance of Maglor

I've read Unfinished Tales and the Silmarillion, so I know his hair is probably dark, but do we know anything else about his appearance? Such as eyes? Any knowledge? I don't have History of Middle Earth (and neither does my library) so it'll be awhile before I get to read them. Anybody have any information/suggestions/guesses?

PS--For that matter, descriptions of ALL Feanor's boys would be helpful. I know the very basics, but that's about it.



Re: Appearance of Maglor

It seems that basically all Elves' eyes were 'gray' (in color. Likewise, its frequent that Elves' eyes are described as 'bright' in the same sentence). Exceptions were Cirdan and Earendil, who as I understand it were at some point described as having blue eyes, and Maeglin's eyes were described as 'dark' in the Sil (but still 'bright'). That's all I know about Elven eye color, and I can't help you with Maglor's appearance. I've heard that Maedhros and the twins Amrod and Amras were redheads (don't think any mention was made of freckles or not *wink*); and that's all I know about the appearances of the sons of Feanor (his other four sons I assume had dark hair, and Caranthir was called 'the Dark', but I dunno if that was in reference to particularly dark features such as hair, skin, or eye color, or just to his mood).
Seems when an Elf had some exceptional or unusual physical trait, specific mention was made. So, when nothing is specified about eye color, for example, I think it's safe to assume the color is gray with a touch of light like the light of the stars. ;D
I think someone else will probably be able to offer you more here.



Re: Appearance of Maglor

I'm not sure, I don't remember anything being specified about him.
I'm curious about what it says near the end of the Sil, where Maglor wanders the shores of ME, is he still there and if so, why has no one seen him?



Re: Appearance of Maglor

I'm curious about what it says near the end of the Sil, where Maglor wanders the shores of ME, is he still there and if so, why has no one seen him?

Can't remember where it was from off the top of my head, but I once read a snippet about the fëar of the Eldar - they're so bright and burning that they gradually burn away the hröar, so the Elves remaining on this side of the Sea are essentially spirits invisible to the mortal eye. Neat thought, eh?




Re: Appearance of Maglor

Maglor is ... dark haired, grey eyed, not exceptionally tall. Probably he had long fingers (harping, right?)
Maedhros wore a copper band aroung his reddish, brownish hair (from his mother) and he was tall, and "beautifully formed"
Celegorm is once said to be blonde (in one of the HoME) and very fond of hunting.
Curufin is most like Feanor, so grey eyes, dark haired etc.
Caranthir... is ruddy complexioned like his mother, with Finwe's black hair, and he's the most stocky of the brothers, I think.
The twins are both redheaded, and very alike in face, but the older one's hair darkened gradually, and he was more dear to his father. (Shibboleth of Feanor)
Hope this info helps.



Re: Appearance of Maglor

Ok I know this is totally off the subject of our darlking Maglor, but why does Celegorm have blonde hair? I don't understand, since hair is hereditory and stuff. Feanor is Noldo and so is Nerdanel and as far as I can guess I highly doubt that Nerdanel had any family who were Vanyarin or Telerin, since Caranthir was proud of his 'full-bloodedness',



Re: Appearance of Maglor

Genetically speaking, since at least one of his children by Indis was golden haired, (Finarfin, Fingolfin was said to be black haired and I don't think the daughters' hair color is ever mentioned) Finwe must have been carrying a blond recessive. It is perfectly possible that the auburn haired Nerdanel did as well, hence a golden haired son.

All Vanyar are golden haired but that doesn't necessarily mean all golden haired Elves are Vanyar. It is perfectly possible that blond hair appeared from time to time in other tribes as well.



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