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Gil-galad's mother-name

Does anyone know if Gil-galad, using Silmarillion heritage (son of Fingon) has a mother-name? If he doesn't, can someone help me think of one? (Names are not my strong point) Bearing in mind that mother-names can be prophetic, of course...



Re: Gil-galad's mother-name

Gil-galad's first (rarely used) name was Ereinion, meaning "scion of kings".

I used Encyclopedia of Arda to jog my memory for that; I'm pretty sure it's in the Sil., but my copy's at the bottom of a box right now, so I can't give you a chapter ref.



Re: Gil-galad's mother-name

Er... sorry, should have clarified. I think Ereinion is his father-name ("Scion of Kings" isn't particularly accurate, since he ended up the longest-ruling High King in Middle-Earth, if I remember correctly) - I'm looking for his mother-name (second name given by his mother).
Thanks anyway, though



Re: Gil-galad's mother-name

Sorry! I thought you meant "his earliest reported name".

Hmm, sounds like a HoME reference question to me. You could try asking in the HoME Reference Requests forum as well...



Re: Gil-galad's mother-name

Replied to in the HoME forum.




Re: Gil-galad's mother-name

Gil-galad IS his mother's name. His father name is Rodnor. Consult "Peoples of Middle-earth":

"Finrod left his wife in Valinor and had no children in exile. Angrod's son was Artaresto, who was beloved by Finrod and escaped when Angrod was slain, and dwelt with Finrod. Finrod made him his 'stewart' and he succeeded him in Nargothrond. His Sindarin name was Rodreth (altered to Orodreth because of his love of the mountains [unintelligible words]. His children were Finduilas and Artanaro= Rodnor later called Gil-galad. (Their mother was a Sindarin lady of the North. She called her son Gil-galad.) Rodnor Gil-galad escaped and eventually came to Sirion's Mouth and was King of the Noldor there." (Peoples of Middle-earth: 350)



Re: Gil-galad's mother-name

But Tolkien himself says that Gil-galad is an epessë - " epessë might become the name generally used and recognised in later song and history (as was the case, for instance, with Ereinion, always known by his epessë Gil-galad)" ("The History of Galadriel and Celeborn", Appendix E, Unfinished Tales).




Re: Gil-galad's mother-name

As in many things in Tolkien canon there are multiple versions. However, CT flatly states that the info on GG he posted in PoME was "my father's definitive word on the subject."




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