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The Witch-King and Sauron

Does anyone know how Sauron communicated with his Nazgul, specifically the Witch-King when the WiKi was in residence in Minas Morgul?  I assume that there would be orc messengers, perhaps a visit by the Mouth, but, most importantly for the purposes of a ficlet I'm polishing, would it violate canon for there to have been some direct communication of a psychic, otherworldly nature as well?

Insights and opinions welcomed!





Re: The Witch-King and Sauron

I don't see why not, Raksha.  Osanwe, or the ability to speak mind to mind, was known even among the elves as was made plain by Galadriel examining the thoughts of her guests and the wordless conference between Galadriel, Gandalf, Elrond, and Celeborn during the return from Aragorn's wedding.  I've not read the specific articles on Osanwe in the HoME, but it appears from comments made by others who have read those discussions that it was a native ability amongst the Maiar and Valar. 

It appears that the Istari were limited in their ability to use it once they accepted the shapes of elderly Men that defined them during their years as Wizards within Middle Earth; but after his return, now the White, Gandalf was apparently able to do some communication with Frodo as Frodo sat immobile, seeing fully the battle between Light and Dark,  there on Amon Hen.

Sauron never accepted having his power limited.  We KNOW that he used the power of his mind to direct the battles against Gondor and later the forces of the West outside the Black Gate.  Remember that once he became aware of the diversion used against him and bent his will instead on Orodruin, summoning the Nazgul to him to fly with the wind there to confront Frodo, that the forces there went mindless for the most part, and only his allies among Men remained to fight on, Men having a will of their own.  And even there, with the summoning of the eight remaining Nazgul to send them after Frodo at the Sammath Naur, he appears to have used Osanwe.



Re: The Witch-King and Sauron

Hi Raksha,

I completely agree with Larner... I know of nothing in canon that says that some form of mind-speak could not occur, and in fact she mentions a lot of situations that imply that it is used, without giving any details about it (thus giving an author the license to be creative LOL!).

I look forward to seeing the story that results from this line of inquiry.

- Barbara



Re: The Witch-King and Sauron

Thanx much, Larner and Barbara; this information is very helpful.   It was only a few lines I was concerned with, but they have to do with the overall theme; so I have to know whether I could have the WiKi waiting for his master's mind-voice.   It would have made the paragraph much less effective if Sauron couldn't have used a psychic call to give direction or messages to his captain. 

Still working on the piece, which has to do with prophecy and weather...




Re: The Witch-King and Sauron

>>would it violate canon for there to have been some direct communication of a psychic, otherworldly nature as well?

I agree with the others - in fact, I would say that this was specifically a power of the nine rings.  Even though Sauron did not hold the One Ring, the Nine still knew him as their Master and were completely controlled by him through the rings.  That control would imply some manner of communication, I should think.



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