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Getting Faramir drunk


I have a short story that I'm pretty happy with, but I need some realist details about the number and types of alcoholic beverages that would have caused Faramir to become somewhat drunk.  In the story, he is beginning to lose coordination skills, feels unsteady, certainly can't walk in a straight line, but his memory and cognitive skills are still strong.  He is what I would call tipsy, rather cute and relaxed, but probably should go home and to bed soon.  He is slurring his words, but can control his speech if he concentrates.

 I mention that Faramir has had four goblets of wine and a tankard of ale - this would have been spread out over several hours, possibly as many as 10 or 12 or more hours.  Since I have very limited drinking experience and am much shorter than Faramir, I have no idea whether that amount is too much or too little.  I envision Faramir as someone who has a good head for alcohol, and can drink a lot before becoming drunk (I believe he is 6'3 or 6'4 and has greater stamina than the average Gondorian, thanks to his Numenorean blood); and Gondor as a society where there is wine at meals and people are used to handling it.  The story concerns an event where there would be a lot of drinking. 

If anyone can tell me whether I'm on the right track with the amounts of wine and ale, or if I should have had him take less, or more, I'd appreciate it.   I know there have been some good stories about Faramir getting drunk; I've purposely avoided rereading them while working on this story. 





Re: Getting Faramir drunk

Hi Raksha,

I poked around on the internet and found a couple of sites that might be helpful.

There's a blood-alcohol calculator at ; you have to guess at Faramir's weight, and it only goes up to 6 hours....

And this site: gives tables of Blood Alcohol Content levels by sex, weight, and number of drinks, plus info on how impaired one is at what level. (Scroll way down to find these.)

Between the two of these, I think you can tailor the number of drinks he has to the needs of your story. 

Hope this helps!

- Barbara 



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