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Ecthelion's wife

Hey guys,

 I am working on a story and would like to refer to Ecthelion's wife having died while Aragorn was serving in Gondor as Thorongil. Do we know anything about Ecthelion's wife (Denethor's  mother), such as her name or when she died? Would I be creating a canon conflict by having her die in this time period?





Re: Ecthelion's wife

I think you'd be safe with that.  I can't find anything about the character at all - she's yet another wife/mother that Tolkien ignored!




Re: Ecthelion's wife

Hi Marta!

I agree with Jay.

This is the sum total of what I know about Ecthelion II (emphasis mine):

25. Ecthelion II. born 2886 lived 98 years died 2984. He is visited by Mithrandir (Gandalf) to whom he is friendly. Aragorn of the North serves as a soldier in his forces. He strengthens Pelargir again, and refortifies Cair Andros.

26. Denethor II. born 2930 lived 89 years †slew himself 3019. He was first son and third child of Ecthelion and more learned in lore than any Steward for many generations.

The Peoples of Middle-earth, HoME Vol 12, Part 1, Ch 7, The Heirs of Elendil: The Ruling Stewards of Gondor

From the wording of the entry under Denethor, it is clear that Ecthelion had two older daughters and then at least two sons, of which Denethor is the older, and perhaps other children, as well. But, as usual, Tolkien left out anything about their mother. *grumbles*

Hope this helps!

- Barbara



Re: Ecthelion's wife

Thank you, both Barbara and Jay! What you have said is really very helpful. It's next to impossible to know whether canon is silent on a certain issues, I can just say I don't remember having read anything on it. I appreciate the confirmation that other people can't remember anything either.



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