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The Ring of Barahir

The Ring of Barahir--the more you think about it, the less sense the history makes. I'm hoping someone can fill in the gaps: We know that Beren had it from his father, who had it from Finrod. But the next hard information is that it descended through the line of Isildur to Aragorn. The only detail about this is how the Ring was saved from going to the bottom of the sea with Arvedui.

I'm guessing at something like this: from Beren to Dior to Elwing to Elros, who took it to Numenor. At some point it evidently became an heirloom of the lords of Andunie, and not the direct line of the Kings. How and why? (perhaps Miriel gave it to there's a plotbunny.)

Elendil brought it back to Middle-earth. Did he leave it in Rivendell during the War of the Last Alliance, where it was then taken up by Valandil (along with Narsil and the remade Elendilmir)? Otherwise, you have to figure it came to Isildur after Elendil's death in battle, and Isildur would be wearing it at the Disaster of the Gladden Fields. Perhaps he gave it to Ohtar along with the shards of Narsil?  

Does anyone have any other ideas about this, or better yet, a source of more information?

Gandalfs apprentice 



Re: The Ring of Barahir

Hi GA,

A friend (not a HASA member) and I have discussed ideas he has about what Amandil would have done prior to going to Valinor. Amandil wanted to go to Valinor, but he also had a palantir so there would be a way to contact the Elves without actually going there. He also had at least some idea that he would be allowed to break the ban about sailing west, when so many at the end of the frist age failed. My friend's idea is that Amandil had been discussing the situation on Numenor with Finrod via palantir, and that he had shown Finrod the ring of Barahir to claim the oath of friendship that Finrod had with Barahir's line -- and then left the ring for his sons in Numenor because he knew, even if he made it to Valinor, he wouldn't be allowed to return.

As for how the ring got to Amandil, I imagine it as being set aside for Zimraphel's son by her father -- so when she did not have children she let the ring pass to the faithful as a mark of solidarity with their cause. I doubt Pharazon would have wanted an Elvish moment, probably wouldn't have even missed it.

All of  this is fanon, of course. But it is one interpretation of how the ring might have been passed along.



Re: The Ring of Barahir


Sorry, don't have time to discuss, but here's a relevant quote from the heirlooms of the Lords of Andúnië and the Ring of Barahir entries:

... the Ring of Barahir ... survived the Downfall; for it was given by Tar-Elendil to his daughter Silmarien and was preserved in the House of the Lords of Andúnië, of whom the last was Elendil the Faithful who fled from the wrack of Númenor to Middle-earth. [Author's note.]

Unfinished Tales, Part 2, Ch 1, Description of the Island of Númenor: Notes, Note 2

- Barbara



Re: The Ring of Barahir

and Isildur would be wearing it at the Disaster of the Gladden Fields.

I'm trying to imagine wearing the Ring of Barahir and carrying (or wearing) the One Ring at the same time.

Blankness, full of the hissing of serpents.  I can't imagine it would be comfortable.



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