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the word periannath

What, if any, is the feminine form of perian/periannath? I'm trying to write about a married hobbit with several children from the point of view of an elf, so hobbit-maid and hobbit-lass both seem at least slightly inappropriate, and neither "hobbit woman" nor "female hobbit" are pleasing to my ear.



Re: the word periannath

There's really no way to actually feminise (femininise?) words in Elvish. You might try adding the basic -wen ending, for perianwen, although this still has the connotation of "Hobbit-maiden". If you're daring, you might be willing to postulate that -eth is some sort of feminine ending, considering that it changes adan, “mortal man”, to adaneth “mortal woman”. By this, then, something like perianeth might be conceivable.




Re: the word periannath

-iriel and -iniel seem to be feminine endings in Sindarin names.



Re: the word periannath

Close. -iel means "daughter of", whereas -riel means "garlanded maiden", as in Galadriel "Light-Garlanded Maiden". But good point - I hadn't thought of those.




Re: the word periannath

Great, thanks! I'm liking perianeth. We'll see if the story in question ever progresses far enough that I need to use it!



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