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Climbing Stone Question

How difficult would the "straight stair" at Cirith Ungol be for a Man or Dwarf to climb? These stairs are described, hobbit PoV, as narrow and treacherous. OtOH, one assumes they were originally cut for men's use, not for hobbits. But they are in decay.

To put this question in context of my story ("The Steward and the King", in HASA Beta): in this AU, the Fellowship "parts" rather than "breaks". Faramir and Gimli accompany Frodo and Sam, and Gollum is acquired along the way. The will attempt the same route into Morder. This research question is for use in chapter 13, not yet unlocked. The straight stair is described by JRRT as particularly difficult. I start the sequence --

When Faramir saw the straight stair he said, “I will go last.”

-- What more reasonable difficulty do I need to describe to not get an "I don't believe it" reaction? Of course it is possible or probable that Faramir would lose footing, fall and break something. (I figure the climb would be hardest for him, which is why he's taking last-in-line.) That can't happen. At least the situation isn't described as "cold".

Frodo, Sam and Gollum are barefoot. Would Faramir and Gimli's leather boots be flexible enough for this climb, or would they have to go barefoot & hang the boots of their packs? Surely thier feet are much tougher than mine. I'm a sissified city girl who knows nothing about climbing. Help?

slightly stuck



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