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Name of the Rohirrim

How do the people of Rohan refer to themselves as a people and to their own language? As a people--"eorlingas"? Though I wonder if that might be used only as a poetic epithet. Any help is appreciated! Branwyn



Re: Name of the Rohirrim

Both Eorlings and Eorlingas seem to be used, as is Sons of Eorl, and Riders (of the Mark or Riddermark, which seems to apply mainly to their warriors). "Éothéod" was their original term for themselves (and the land that they dwelled in before migrating to Calenardhon/Rohan), but that doesn't seem to be used in the Ring War era. And, they do also use "Rohirrim", though it was originally devised by the Gondorians: "The Sindarin names Rohan for the Mark and Rohirrim for the people were devised first by Hallas, son and successor of Cirion, but were often used not only in Gondor but by the Éothéod themselves." Unfinished Tales, Part 3, Ch 2, Cirion and Eorl and the Friendship of Gondor and Rohan: Cirion and Eorl I haven't found a canon name for the language of the Rohirrim -- if you find something, please let me know! (I thought that it would be "Rohirric", but can't find any use of that word for the language.) Hope this helps! - Barbara P.S. The Dunlendings call them Forgoil 'straw-heads', and the Orcs call them Whiteskins... just in case your story needs a little color...



Re: Name of the Rohirrim

Thanks so much! Hmm. I may have to invent a name for their language. Perhaps "eorlingisc"? The form is based on OE englisc, which (like the modern word English) is used as both a noun (English language) and an adjective (of or relating to England or its language). Skating on linguistic thin ice, no doubt. "Straw-heads"? Those Dunlendings are just annoyed because their land was stolen... Branwyn



Re: Name of the Rohirrim

Actually, if you invent something, Branwyn, I personally would stick to "Rohirric". I think it would be clearer to those of us who don't happen to speak Old English, but do speak Tolkien... The House of Hador, from whose ancestors the Rohirrim descended, were also known as Straw-heads... I think that blond people tended to stick out a bit in Tolkien's world! - Barbara



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