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Feanorian Questions

I have loads of things to ask about the Feanorians, and thought this was a good place. Firstly, what would they wear? Also, in a story I'm writing, I said that Feanor invented glass (or a glass-like substance, anyway), and this is somewhat essential to the plot. Is this too much of a stretch of canon, or does it fit?



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*snork* Somehow I don't see them as being terribly modest in their manner of dress. But then, that's just me. Actually, I really like Marnie's interpretation, the flashy colors and decoration of the Noldorin as opposed to the soft greys and subtle shadows of the Sindarin. It really makes sense in terms of the land in which they lived (full of bright light versus stars and shadow) and the cultural context (the development of "high" culture and conspicuous consumption during centuries of safety versus the need to live inconspicuous as part of the environment in order to stay alive). But, that was a major theme in her stories: the clash between these two cultures and the costume supported it. Discussing Raksha's questions about leggings and hose and surcoats reminded me about how culturally determined clothing is. I wonder if Tolkien didn't specify it at a detailed level because 1) He's a guy... a very traditional guy and although he would know the consistency and taste of every tobacco available in the British Isles, I sincerely doubt he would know his charmeuse from his tweed. 2) So much of the attire of the middle ages was influenced by the other cultures that came in waves over the island, particularly the Normans. He was trying to build a pre-Norman mythology, and so, being the good philologist, he stayed far far away from many of the historical costuming terms. My point being: if you're going to specify what your characters are wearing, I'd think it would be most important to have it contribute directly to the development of your story... or just leave unspecified. So.. that said... what kind of clothing would express your character's internal aspects? Or how would it express the culture's characteristics? Like... if you dressed all your Feanorians in similiar, severe, uniform-like clothing... that certainly says something different about them than if you dressed them up in flashy, individually styled clothing in which they all try to outdo each other. Does their clothing set them apart from the other Noldorin? Or do they blend in? Do they stay with purely functional? or ornamental? Is Feanor dressed differently than the rest? or does he just not care about surface presentation? What I want to know is why they still had swords and such in the Undying Lands after so many centuries.... Purely ornamental? Represents a tie with their past? Were elves basically a fiery war-like race in their youth? If so... then their dress would reflect that, too. LOL Sorry... but you got me thinking about ranks of Noldorin in SS-like uniforms and the kind of fanfic story that would evolve from that image. Silli / Anoriath P.S. .... Feanor calling out Morgoth before his gates, complete with lederhosen and an AHnold-like accent.



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The Silmarillion says of Feanor's craft, "he it was who, first of the Noldor (yes, lets think about the grammar there), discovered how gems greater and brighter than those of the Earth might be made with skill. The first gems that Feanor made were white and colorless, but being set under starlight they would blaze with blue and silver fires brighter than Helluin; other crystals he made also, wherein things far away could be seen far but clear, as with the eyes of the eagles of Manwe." So did Feanor invent glass? I think the clause after the semi-colon is describing the palantiri, which we know Feanor made, and perhaps the first clause is describing glass. It doesn't expressly say. I don't recall if there is a more explicit passage in the Silm or HoME. But they had to have been made of something. Perhaps you could be as cagey as Tolkien and sat he invented gems that blazed with fire when the starlight shone on them. I too imagine that Feanorians, and all the Noldor, would have dressed rather ostentatiously. Lots of flowing, shiny robes, bright colors, and jewelry. Maybe like Elrond in movie!LOTR only more flamboyant. I think all Noldor would have been somewhat flamboyant, but Feanor and some of his sons, at least, would have been really out there.



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Hi, I'm new, but I figured I have to get involved in a conversation sooner or later. I tend to envision the Feanorians (and the Noldor in general) dressing similar to how people dressed in the Middle Ages. I found an artist online (Jenny Dolfen - if you google her, you can find her stuff) who draws them beautifully, and that's probably where I get a lot of my ideas on how they look and what they wear. I think what they're doing would also influence what they wear. Celegorm, for example, is a hunter, so he will dress differently when in the wilderness than, say, Curufin, who would be working in the forge. A random fact, but in the Peoples of Middle Earth it says that Maedhros wears a circlet of copper similar to Mahtan, his maternal grandfather. *shrugs* I hope that helps somewhat. I don't think assuming Feanor invented glass is too much of a stretch. I've read a few fics already where he's done so, so I don't think anyone will have a problem with it.



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I just read a little bit of chapters from Marnie's story, "Oak and Willow," which I like a lot. It's a great story. In the one chapter, "Culture Shock," one Noldor elf is basically decked-out in gems. I couldn't help but thinking that all the other elves looking at him must have been like, "AHHH! My eyes!" I never really liked the Noldor that much, at leat a good bit of them. They seem, at least to me, very concerned about appearances and power. I liked the Sindarin elves, though. Like an earlier post pointed out, they had to struggle just to keep from getting killed by Morgoth and his cronies. The Noldor were, in a way, pampered and spoiled. They never before had to really worry about dieing. Just my thoughts. CLF



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Ooh you're reading Oak and Willow? I've read it!I love it! I love Celeborn/Galadriel fics! That one is such a cute fic... Oh yes, back on topic. The Noldor couldn't help turning out spoilt since the Valar were the ones doing all the coddling! Leave us Noldor alone, you simple wood-elf!



Re: Feanorian Questions

Yeah, I was reading that. It's a great story. CLF



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Yep, Marnie does some gorgeous elf writing. I'm deeply envious and admiring. If you haven't already, read "Battle of the Golden Wood": it's fantastic. Also, there's a fic she's posted over at which isn't posted over here (but should be) called "Seeds of Old Trees". It's post-Fourth Age, when Celeborn returns to Valinor. Phenomenal stuff. Do read: www . fanfiction . net / ~ marnie is where you can find it (just close up all the spaces in the link). Cheers, Meril



Re: Feanorian Questions

Also, there's a fic she's posted over at which isn't posted over here (but should be) called "Seeds of Old Trees". It's post-Fourth Age, when Celeborn returns to Valinor. Phenomenal stuff. Do read: I heartily second Meril's recommendation! And, good news! Marnie's now moved it to Stories of Arda... It's at: Seeds of Old Trees - Barbara



Re: Feanorian Questions

Yep, I read the Battle of the Golden Wood and loved it! I think I've read Seeds of Old Trees as well...



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