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Burnt Hair in Quenya

I know this is going to sound stupid, but how would you say "burnt hair" in Quenya? CLF




Hi CLF, It would be "ustanë findessë" if you are using burnt as an adjective to describe a whole head of hair. It would be "ustanë findë" if you are describing a single lock or plait of burnt hair. It would be "findë ustanë" if someone is has burnt a lock of hair (burnt being used as a verb.) Karri



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Thanks for the help. CLF



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Karri, Would you happen to know the Quenya words for "mother" and "father?" CLF



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Hi CLF, Atar is father and Ammë is mother. Karri



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Thanks! CLF



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I always thought that mother was 'Amil'?



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One unrelated question please? How would one say 'Song of/about' as in 'Song of x'? It's Lin-something isn't it? Thankie



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