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Elvish Translations

Does anybody know any really good sites for translations apart from and the Ardalambion Index? Or, failing that, the translations into Sindarin for: "were", "decided" and "way"? Any help would be much appreciated! Thanx, Shadowed Mind (a.k.a live_onthe_edge)



Re: Elvish Translations

You could try LOTR Plaza. in the Languages forum there is a Translation Desk thread. It is always best if you make a stab at translating it yourself first, then get feedback on your efforts. Check out the Sindarin Dictionary Dragon Flame download – it’s free and very helpful Conjugating verbs is not my forte, and these are educated guesses on the conjugation - hope I’m close. ;) Were – the verb ‘to be’ is only known in the imperative form (_no_ - ‘be’) and the conjugation is only hypothetical as some scholars believe it would most likely be irregular, but we don’t know what form that would take. If it was regular it might be _nanner_ (?) - 3rd pl. past tense. Actually, in most cases forms of the verb ‘to be’ can be left out of the sentence as the meaning is ‘understood’. It sounds strange to English speakers, but it is the usual pattern in Sindarin. Decided – _band_ (?) - 3rd sing. past tense of reconstructed verb _Badh-_ - v. ‘ judge, decide’ from (BAD-) This word was probably isolated from _badhor_ n. ‘judge’. Way – _men_ ‘road, way’ ; _râd_ ‘path, track’ ; _ bâd_ ‘beaten track, pathway’ Ithildin *(



Re: Elvish Translations

Thank you! I went to those sites, checked it out...they did help a lot! I think I'd better keep with this, though- I'm VERY bad with languages, though I do try. (My teachers say I'm very trying ) Thank you again! Shadowed Mind...



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