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Formal clothing in Minas Tirith and elsewhere

Any ideas to what the King and his Steward would wear to a formal Council session in the early Fourth Age? I'm imagining formalwear; with Aragorn being all decked out in the royal regalia (wearing the Elendilmir rather than the big winged crown), Faramir wearing something more simple. But danged if I don't have a clue as to fabric - linen, but I wanted something finer? Silk? What materials did the Elves wear in Elrond's house? The scene I'm co-writing occurs in April. And the King would be expected to wear the finest raiment that Gondor can provide (and he's not terribly happy about it); this is an annual meeting of the Great Council of Gondor, re-established by the King. RAKSHA, whose copy of ROTK (the book) has disappeared into the black hole under the bed again.



Re: Formal clothing in Minas Tirith and elsewhere

Hi Raksha for inspiration about formal clothing, regalia and so on, you might find it useful to look at the RL resources that Gwynnyd dug out for me which I listed in chapter five of my research article on M-e weddings Hope that helps Cheers, Liz



Re: Formal clothing in Minas Tirith and elsewhere

Thanx, Liz. I really needed the link on LOTR movie costumes. I'll probably go with an outfit that's somewhere between Aragorn's coronation garb and his Rivendell council outfit. Faramir, who's the one noticing Aragorn's get-up, wouldn't really care that much about what kind of fabrics the clothes are made of (he's just happy his own formalwear wasn't as intricate; Aragorn was peeved because he had to stand still and let tailors do some last-minute alterations).



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