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Discussing: Anyone have the LOTR Soundtracks? HELP!!

Anyone have the LOTR Soundtracks? HELP!!

There's this one song I really like... actually there's two. The first one is sung by a Sydney choir and has a female soloist and lyrics in some Middle-earth language. It sounds like something from the Lion King songs if that helps. The question is... What's the name of the track? I only have FOTR and it's certainly not in there. Can someone help please it's been bugging me heaps... Oh and the other song (sorry if I'm getting annoying) is just piano and it plays this really nice tune over for a few times. It's the relaxing-sort. Sounds kind of sad. Thanks!



Re: Anyone have the LOTR Soundtracks? HELP!!

Luthien, I have all three soundtracks, and would love to help. But, maybe you could narrow it down at bit for me. Which movie, TTT or ROTK? Which scene? Elf or Rohan? Minas Tirith or Shire? TE or EE? Now, if it is in the EE of either FOTR or TTT, those soundtracks have not been released yet. Let me know, and I would be glad so send the requested piece to you! RubyG



Re: Anyone have the LOTR Soundtracks? HELP!!

Umm... I have no idea which scene the song comes from! It probably does come from TTT because friend has ROTK and it's not in there. I hadn't heard it in the movie before though. My guess is it's a Rohan song because it reminds me of horses but that's just a guess. It's very nice and they repeat I think two verses over and over again. Maybe if you have a bunch of lyrics you can post them and I'll probably recognise it.



Re: Anyone have the LOTR Soundtracks? HELP!!

Luthien, There is the Ent song, ( in Sindarin), Gollum's Song, (in English, of course), and The Missing, (in Old English). There is also a piece entitled "Evenstar", in Elvish, Sindarin, I suppose, but the words are not listed on the liner notes. The scene is when her father tells her why she should cut out of ME and not wait around for her main squeeze. The songs of the Rohirrim do not have lyrics. More then happy to send the lyrics I do have, should you want. RubyG



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