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Elvish Translation

Hi all, Well, I've been poking around some of the sites I have bookmarked for Sindarin/English translations, but I cannot find the phrase "Welcome back" anywhere. I can find "back" but no "welcome" *sigh* Anyone out there that can help me with that one? Pretty please?? Cheryl edit: what sites, if any do all of you use for translation help? Or do I just need to learn to speak Sindarin?



Re: Elvish Translation

Perhaps this would work? : _Mae govannen ad._ “Welcome back.” _Mae govannen._ = “Well met” _ad_ (adv.) = “back, again, re-” Learning to speak Sindarin is probably not a realistic goal; I don’t think there is enough of the language to really do that effectively. But there are some resources out there to help you learn enough to translate phrases and such. The most comprehensive site: Ardalambion This site contains many articles on Tolkien’s languages. My recommendations include reading (studying) Helge K. Fauskanger’s article Sindarin – the Noble Tongue And SUGGESTED CONJUGATION of all known or inferred Sindarin verbs” Additional articles and helps can be found at the following sites: Fellowship of the Wordsmiths I especially recommend Summary of the Sindarin Grammar by Ryszard Derdzinski. This article is based on Helge’s work and summarizes it. I find the charts and lists quite helpful. Dragonflame download - Sindarin Dictionary for your computer (free) – indispensable tool for translation work Council of Elrond site – Sindarin course, companion discussion forum, language resources including lists of phrases. Hope that helps some, Ithildin *(



Re: Elvish Translation

I use this one a lot:



Re: Elvish Translation

Thanks so much for the suggestions, I've bookmarked them all for future reference Well, there it is, plain as day "Welcome back" = Mae athollen Thanks bunches!! Cheryl



Re: Elvish Translation

Sorry about the links. I’m glad you got your answer elsewhere. I tried to edit the post immediately, but got locked out of the site until tonight. Sorry again. Anyway, here is the list so you can copy and paste: Ardalambion: Sindarin – the Noble Tongue: SUGGESTED CONJUGATION of all known or inferred Sindarin verbs: Fellowship of the Wordsmiths: Dragonflame: Council of Elrond site:



Re: Elvish Translation

Ahhh..thank you! I had some problems going directly to one of them, I thought it was a site problem, and didn't have time to visit the others at that moment. These are great references....and since I'm working on a Legolas/Aragorn story..I suspect I'll need them in the future. Thanks for all the help!!! Cheryl



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