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Healing speeds

Having been so unutterably lucky as to have never broken a bone , I don't know how long one takes to heal. I specifically am curious about a broken arm - not a compound fracture, just a simple break.



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Be sure to check out Yllyn's set of articles on wounds, fractures and head injuries in the Research Article section. They are all under the topic "Medicine".




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Celandine, assuming a relatively healthy person, not elderly, 6 weeks is a good estimate. A child might be faster, about 4 to 6 weeks for a 10 year old.



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On the other hand, a young and relatively healthy person with a problem of calcium accumulation might take 6 weeks to heal a broken arm and 8+ weeks to heal a broken leg. Besides the fact that they'll be frequently spraining an ankle, a wrist, spliting a finger, dislocating a knee-cap...



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Ouch indeed. ^_^

Should've listened my mom and drank more milk when I was younger.



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