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Travel between Middle-earth and Numenor

I have posted this question elsewhere, so my apologies to anyone who has seen it more than once.

Between the founding of Numenor and the year 600 of the second age, when the Numenorians first sailed back to Middle-earth, is there good reason to believe that there was or was not travel from Middle-earth to Numenor?

In other words, did (or could) the elves of Middle-earth (Cirdan and company) go back to Numenor after first dropping off the Edain?

Between the Silmarillion and the Unfinished Tales, we know that Cirdan and his elves sailed Elros and his people to Numenor; that the Valar calmed the seas and the Star of Earendil lit their way, visible even in the daylight. We also know that the elves of Middle-earth could sail west to Tol Eressea at any time. Did they need guidance on this journey as well? Were Valinor and Numenor more or less hidden to them?

The journey apparently took a long time, but is that the only hindrance to them going? The Sil does say that the Numenorians built the greatest sea-faring nation - and they clearly learned to make the journey back and forth. Any reason Cirdan and co. could not have?

Thank you. Facts and speculation welcome.



Re: Travel between Middle-earth and Numenor

I was always under the impression, from both the Silm & UT, that there was regular contact early on between Numenor & M-e, & that it included some trips to Numenor by the elves. But I could be wrong.




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