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Languages in Arnor

I am trying to figure out what langauge would have been spoken by the kings buried in the barrow-wights. Would they have spoken Old English like the Rohirrim? Specifically, I'm trying to translate the phrase "his final song" into that language.

Using the Old English glossaries and grammar help in the links section I was able to take a stab at "his last song" to be "Paes Aettryne Leod". If Old English is an appropriate language, does this translation seem reasonable?

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Re: Languages in Arnor

They would definintely *not* be speaking Rohirric (aka Old English).

Some of the barrows are very ancient, raised by the first Men to wander into the West of the World, these would be the ancestors of the Three Houses of the Elf Friends and so would have spoken an early Adunaic dialect. But the Kings buried in the Downs are Aragorn's ancestors, the High Kings of Arnor and Arthedain, and the sub-kings of Rhudaur and Cardolan. Their language would be either Adunaic or Sindarin. With Sindarin the prefered tongue for poetry and scholarship.



Re: Languages in Arnor

They would definitely *not* be speaking Rohirric (aka Old English).

I knew that Old English was Rohirric. I was thinking along the lines of Rohirric possibly being descended from some common tongue of the north that Arnor would share in.

Perhaps it was a bit of wishful thinking on my part, as I have an Old English dictionary and know enough of the grammar to come up with passable basic sentences. Now I have to find a Sindarin dictionary on the web somewhere, or find someone who can do some translation for me once I'm done with the actual story. Not a problem. Thanks for the help.




Re: Languages in Arnor

They would definitely *not* be speaking Rohirric (aka Old English).

Correction: Rohirric is not the same as Old English. Tolkien chose Old English to represent his translated Rohirric because it bore the same relation to modern English as Rohirric did to Westron. Consequently, there are very few true Rohirric words known: trahan "burrow", kastu "mathom", kûd-dûkan "hole-dweller, i.e. Hobbit [cf. Old English holbytla]", Lôgrad "Rohan", for examples.




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